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    Siyakwamukela lies in the heart of the Valley of 1000 Hills. A magnificent gorge between Durban and Pietermaritzburg, the Valley of 1 000 Hills is about more than its spectacular greenery and the clear blue of the African sky. It’s even about more than the breath-taking photo opportunities and idyllic backdrops to your holiday memories. The Valley of 1 000 Hills is a place where the true and untainted beauty of Africa is celebrated in its scenery, animals, culture, history, and the vibe that infuses this part of KwaZulu-Natal.

    The Valley of 1 000 Hills is situated between the massive urban metropolis of Durban and capital city of the province, Pietermaritzburg. The valley is the meeting point of the Umgeni and Msunduzi rivers, making it a place of unrivalled natural beauty. The Umgeni flows all the way from the mammoth Drakensberg to the warm waters of the Indian Ocean.

    This region is also famous for its deep and complex culture and history. The province was once the homeland of powerful Zulu tribes and villages. When the Boers and the British were vying for territory, though, there were many bloody battles. Today, the battlefields serve as reminders of the exorbitant price once paid for such magnificent territory. These can be visited on battlefield tours, and the museums in the area are a fascinating addition to any historical tour.


    There are many cultural villages that still occupy parts of KwaZulu-Natal and the Valley of 1 000 Hills. Visiting these villages means getting a sneak-peek into the traditional lives of the local African people. See their huts, visit their medicine men, taste their traditional food, enjoy song and dance performances, and meet with the people that call this home to have a real glimpse of the South African experience.

    Of course, an area this spectacular is just begging to be explored. So, take advantage of the many walking, hiking, running and cycling trails through the valley. The mountains are excellent for rock climbing, abseiling, and heading out on 4 x 4 adventures.